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Stories About Innovative People

Reinventing US Infrastructure

Stories about passionate, innovative people dedicated to renovating, modernizing and adding resilience to the nation's physical and digital infrastructure. Recognition here requires no fancy title, simply a relevant skill set and a commitment to infrastructure modernization.

A row of docked, shared Blue Bikes enable affordable, equitable access to micromobility infrastructure for the citizens of Cambridge, Mass.
Brooks McKinney photo
Reservoirs and spreading grounds are key tools in water management and stormwater capture to expand local drinking water supplies
Solar energy infrastructure and wind energy infrastructure juxtaposed in a grassy field against a blue sky
LA Metro trains help ensure affordable, equitable access to the City's transportation infrastructure

Steve Hymon Photo - LA Metro

IMG_2946 - Bridge Shot for Blog Category

Brooks McKinney Photo

Los Angeles is a great example of infrastructure modernization in progress

Brooks McKinney Photo

Experts in telecommunications infrastructure are working to deliver affordable broadband for all

Photo by Brett Sayles, Pexels

Modernized transmission infrastructure is key to making renewable energy available nationwide.
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